Thoughts Create our Reality

What we think happens. Our thoughts are so powerful that they can actually create our life. What we visualize in our minds is exactly what happens in reality.

We must be able to see the silver lining in every dark circumstance & situation.That is if we think about possibilities & solutions we are more focussed towards creating a way out of our difficult situations. But if our mind creates thoughts about only problems & difficulties we get stuck up in our problems & cant find a way out . So it is very important for us to create positive thoughts always no matter how bad our situation is.

We all want to change our reality which is only possible by changing our thoughts & having the right mindset that will keep us going towards our goals inspite of all the challenges. When we change our thoughts towards a situation it empowers us & gives us the strength to overcome all obstacles. So the situation remains bad but because we create empowering & positive thoughts we can take the required action to change the situation totally



Whatever Consumes your MIND Controls your LIFE

Basically whatever we keep thinking about again n again in our minds then eventually these thoughts start controlling our lives. So if our thinking is good , encouraging, motivating & positive then we take actions that help us achieve our goals. So we must be a lot aware of our thoughts & train our minds to think in a way that helps us & takes us towards our dreams.

Just as we get addicted to certain things like tea or coffee just because we keep consuming it regularly same is with the thoughts that are created in our minds. We get addicted to a certain pattern of thinking & keep forming habits as per our thoughts which either make us a better person or lower our values. So it is very important that we have the right thoughts & immidiately delete the disempowering thoughts.

Remember that we must always be in the driving seat so that our we are always creating the best life for ourselves.

Either you control your life or your life controls you.The choice is always there . So be careful of your thoughts so that you are always in charge of your own life.

Heartbreaks take place FIRST in the MIND

We often think that a heartbreak is to do with our hearts falling apart but in reality when we are hurt it is our MIND that creates feelings & emotional thoughts which actually create pain, anxiety, fear, disapointments, resentment etc. In tough & hard situations it is actually our mind that responds to these situations & how fast it can calm down decides the impact of heartbreaks & pain.

Our mind has two sections :

One decides how to react or respond to a stressful situation.It is our mind that takes decision to behave in a positive direction or to breakdown & move towards negative feelings n emotions that affect our entire body.

Second section of the mind is responsible in calming us down in every situation. So if we have high anxiety or negative thoughts occupied in our mind then the mind is unable to calm down completely & remains disturbed which further affects our health.

For Example : Pain due to Loss of a Loved one

When a loved one leaves us or leaves the world it is an extremely painful situation to deal with.At that time we go through a hearbreak which can be avoided if our mind is strong enough to deal with this situation by responding in the right way by accepting the situation that cant be changed.As well as if our mind calms down at such an extreme situation we can easily deal with our heartbreak.


Taking long n slow breaths has a magical effect on our mind. Do Try it !!!

Positive Self Talk

Your mind always listens to you.So always have a continuous positive self talk with yourself. No one knows you better than you know yourself so only you have the power to train your mind with an encouraging & motivated self talk everyday.This will help u a lot in the long run as you then will have the power of changing your external situation by feeding your mind with great positive thoughts about yourself & your achievements & what all areas you want to develop your skills in .

A Good Self Talk always is needed no matter how worse the situation is. If our self talk jus keeps talking about our problems then our problems will keep growing, but if our self talk is talking about solutions only then we tend to take responsibility to change our situations. We cant control outer circumstances but can definately take charge & change our situations completely by our positive self talks that empower us to take the right next step.

MIND over Matter

No matter what the situation or circumstance is, it is ultimately our mind & our own thinking that makes us react or respond to it in a certain way. Always remember that its most important to have the right thoughts & keep the right mindset so that we take positive actions to achieve great results.If in every situation we become more aware of our mind & the thoughts it is creating we can easily delete all our negative thoughts & increase our positive thinking so that our actions are always taking us nearer to achieving our dreams & goals.

Practice this & see the changes that take place in your life which makes your life a much more happier n fulfilled one.So jus focus on the right thought so that it grows n grows n grows which finally changes your situation completely .


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Hello Family!! It’s the penultimate Sunday in the month of March & we are at the start of the 13th week of 2019. I usually don’t post on Sundays, but I’ve had to work out of station for a few days in the last week & that has altered my routine but my commitment of posting at least once a week still remains resolute.

How are things going with you?? Q1 is at it’s end, hope you are on-track with your 2019 goals, it’s time to take stock & fuel for Q2.

I will like to appreciate everyone who has given me a feedback one way or the other regarding this series & other posts on this blog. It’s quite refreshing to know that from my little corner of the world some form of impact is being felt as I contribute my quota to the pool of resources available out…

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Obstacles / Difficulties are only existing in our minds

Obstacles & difficulties are actually our own imaginations that are created by our minds.If we start creating wrong thoughts we start believing them & slowly we see them as real life challenges. We need to create the right thought always so that we are never limited by our thoughts n can take the next right step towards achieving our goals!!!

So next time when we see we are in a difficult situation then we need to just create the right thought & once we overcome the difficult situation in our mind then we can easily change our circumstances by taking the right decision .

Your inner positive thoughts world creates your outer world n not vice versa.

Always rember your inner thoughts that are created by your mind create your outer world. So if u create happy positive & good thoughts in your mind it will lead you to take action accordingly which will influence others & change your outer circumstances totally. It really works like magic so do try it as it really does !!!

Once you get into this habit of creating your life every moment you will get great results & all your problems n difficulties will soon be deleted from your life completely as your mind will get trained to see the good n positivity in others & in situations you are in . This way you will no longer focus on your problems but rather focus on finding a solution.

The grass is green where u water it

Like plants need water to grow & flourish our mind needs the right creation of positive,motivated & encouraging thoughts so as to develop a growth oriented learning needed for success. Same way we must water our minds daily so it develops & learns new things which will benefit our long term goals & plans. So train your mind everyday with affirmations that will grow your mind & create a path for you leading you to success


Our mind is really powerful & what the MIND can BELIEVE the person can surely achieve remarkable results. Your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs can change your outer world circumstances. So focus on your MINDPOWER to make best use of your talents & skills so as to achieve success. Your focus can lead you in the right direction & motivate you to take the right next step to get what you want in life. Just as a magnifying glass if put under the sun can burn the paper below it, same way a focussed inner power can fuel your burning desire to achieve great results.

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